“Freutägliches” – Thank you for coming!

Posted on 6月 4, 2018 in blog, info.
“Freutägliches” – Thank you for coming!

“Freutägliches” — joyous everyday things
ayaka daimon illustration solo exhibition

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My solo exhibition has successfully ended. Thank you very much for coming!

I had my first solo exhibition exactly one year ago at sowale. Now it is my second year in Berlin, I was really happy to make it again. Last year I exhibited my poster works however this time I decided to show my original illustrations and drawings.

My original work is normally “behind the scenes” of printed products, like postcards or ZINEs. Therefore, it was a new experience for me that they, original work (illustrations and drawings), got a spotlight.

= illustrations and drawings =
Personally, I have a different definition between “illustration” and “drawing”.
“Illustration” has a specific meaning or purpose to give out some information.
On the other hand, “drawing” means more spontaneous, relaxed, simply planned like sketch for me.

I made almost all of the illustrations and drawings particularly for this solo exhibition.
At first, it was a plan to exhibit just only framed “illustration”. However, when I prepared this solo exhibition, a beautiful spring had come to Berlin. Plants and flowers grew brilliantly everyday and the city got beautiful colours. I was so inspired by this positive energy of spring and then I thought, “I want to make “drawing” more spontaneously, freely, like this cheerful atmosphere of springtime”. Ultimately, I separated my works into two sections, “illustration”, featured on a wall of the main room and “drawing”, featured in the back room.

This exhibition was a good motivator to consider again what is the meaning of “illustration and drawing” for me. Needless to say, they are also one of my “Freutägliches.

I will post these new works on this webpage and Instagram etc. In addition, I am currently working on my new online shop. You can purchase postcards and other products soon!

Thanks again to Tomomi and Yasu (sowale) and my friends for your big support!